Pula is also a coastal area as Split. On our Portal Finger Salute to Bush we publish the most interesting stories about that. On the second day, we planned yacht charter because we heard that yacht riding is one of the popular things in the cities around Croatia. Therefore we hired a yacht and get into the sea. The person who drives the yacht took us to many beautiful spots inside the sea. He was speaking in the Croatia (Croatian) language. We asked him to speak in English but he could not speak fluently. But it was good to hear a different language. One of my friends is a professional photographer hence he had his camera with him. Hence we have taken many photos in all those spots and it was a good experience. Then we came back to sea shore and visited many other places around Pula.

Kornati Islands

On the third day, we went to Kornati islands. People who visit Croatia must visit Kornati Islands without fail. I would say this is one of the beautiful places in the world. Since we were travelling to the spot in the morning time, we could see lot of natural scenery there. The way the sunlight falls on the sea and the trees was beyond description. You can enjoy that experience only if you visit this place. 


I have heard that Trogir is one important place that everyone has to visit whenever they go to Croatia. Therefore I was very curious to visit this place so I took my family to this place on our third day and it was a great day. We have visited many historic places and my daughter has purchased many interested things from the nearby shops. By Portal Finger Salute to Bush.

Visit Croatia to have memorable touring experience of your life

Touring to different places would be a longing desire for many people because it is the one of the best way to have enjoyable time with friends and family. More than considering touring as just for fun, we can call it as the best way to relax. It will really brighten your mood and release peace in the mind. Seeing different locations and inhaling the air from various atmosphere would give deep serenity in us and make every day a beautiful day of FingerSalutetoBush . The flow of water, the calmness of the sand, the magnificence of mountains and the elegance of the sea with beauty of the sky will take us a trip to heaven. Enjoying the creation is the best feeling a person can have and all the creations in this Earth, especially the nature exists for us to explore and enjoy the Portal FingerSalutetoBush.org

Visit Croatia to have memorable touring experience of your life

Visiting Croatia is the best decision we have taken regarding touring because it is the place that everyone should visit at least once in the life time. The beautiful Croatian coastlines are visual treat to your eyes and the seashore will bring various memories to you. This is what I have experienced that the scenic beauty of Islands of Croatia with Velmundi and it has reminded many things of life and the calmness in the place has led me to have best time on a yacht. I was taken back to the enjoyable memories of my life and I really relished staying there for long time.

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